VideoStage | The video playback console for shows and live performances


Designed for the stage and more

VideoStage is a video playback console,
specially designed to provide projections for stage shows :
Theater, dance, circus, live entertainments and events.

By extension VideoStage provide projections for :
Conferences, showrooms, classrooms and meeting spaces, ...

The video presentation engine is based on the QuickTime® module,
installed on all MACINTOSH computers.

Useable by everyone

Very simple to use and easy handling, VideoStage is designed to provide
video control booth functions for both novices and experienced users,
in particular for performing arts professionals :

Audiovisual managers or stage managers, videographers, theater companies, ...

And/or by specialized professionals in :
Cultural spaces and universities, all worldwide corporations or institutions.

Simple et original

VideoStage adapts to any type of projection screen
thanks to its system of independent black layers.

VideoStage also makes projections for complex installations possible
thanks to specific video presets.

Play, list, edit and much more...

In addition to the basic player functions, such as
triggering and playing video, navigate and listing video,
other functions have been developed to respond to special conditions linked
to the stress of the control booth and the control room :

Play protection, automatic chaining, fade-/cut-to-black, shortcuts, ...

Tools such as a video monitor and a playlist have been included specially
to meet stage managers' needs.

Maximum reliability and compatibility

Several years of development make it possible to guarantee
the program's stability from a G4 MAC right through to the latest generation model.

VideoStage is a universal application, compatible with
MAC OS (10.4 minimum) on PowerPC or Intel machines.






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